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Research Starter - ENGL 308: Composition Theory

Composition Theory


You may also find useful resources in the following databases:

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Start Your Research

Tips for searching:

  • Use EBSCO Discovery Service and other databases
  • EBSCO Discovery Service contains both full-text e-books and journal articles.
  • When plugging in keywords, use quotation marks around phrases but not around single words. For example:  “good writing,” audience, multiculturalism, collaborative, minorities, “cognitive process”    

As you begin to type keywords, Discovery Service will sometimes offer suggestions for narrowing your search:


You may choose one of the suggested phrases or you may continue with a simple keyword. You may also add other keywords as applicable.


Here is another example:



The following subject headings are common in the discipline of composition theory and may be useful when conducting searches. Enter them as is (include the dashes):

                                   English language – rhetoric

                                   English language – grammar

                                   English language – composition and exercises

                                   Report writing - study and teaching

                                   English teachers – training of

For example:






When searching the ERIC Education Database, search with multiple search terms separated by the word 'and.'



Limit your search to 'full-text.' Full-text results are available in PDF format:



Topical resources in the library:

To save search results for later, create an account using "sign in" on the right-hand side of the navy blue bar. If you already have an EBSCO account, the folder will be open (see below).







Library Tutorials - Searching for Resources

This video demonstrates how to search effectively, how to process results, how to grab citations and more.

Library Tutorials - Interlibrary Loan

This video shows the steps for submitting an interlibrary loan request.

Library Tutorials - Contacting the Library


This video will instruct you on effectively giving credit where credit is due.