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Anthropology: Books & Journals

Anthropology Online Journals

Go to the Squires Library homepage and in the search box, click the “E-Journal Titles” tab, and then search for one of these titles. 

List of Important Anthropology Journals

  • American Anthropologist
  • American Ethnologist
  • Annual Review of Anthropology
  • Anthropological Quarterly
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Current Anthropology
  • HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory (
  • Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute

See also:

  • Annals of Anthropological Practice
  • Anthropological Forum
  • Anthropology & Medicine
  • Anthropology in Action
  • Anthropology Matters
  • Anthropos
  • Ethnic and Racial Studies
  • Fieldwork in Religion
  • Focaal
  • Gender and Society
  • History and Anthropology
  • Journal of Anthropological Research
  • Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research
  • Museum Anthropology
  • Social Analysis
  • Social Forces
  • The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology
  • Transforming Anthropology
  • Visual Anthropology
  • Visual Anthropology Review

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