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Research Starter - ENGL 300: ENGL 300 (Lee)

ENGL 300 (Lee)


Amy Mercer

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Amy Mercer

Start Your Research

Tips for searching:

  • Utilize both the catalog and EBSCO search
  • Use advanced search to combine terms

Search with author's name, or chosen work, as a subject, not keyword

These research starters, supplied by Salem Press through the library's EBSCO Discovery Service, provide an excellent place to begin your research.  Each research starter gives a brief summary of some of the popular literary theories or schools of criticism and each entry includes a bibliography.  Use these research starters to become more familiar with the different literary and critical theories and to look for words, terms and phrases that might help you develop your search strategy.   

Remember: the bibliography or works cited page of any work is a vital resource; it can lead you to other credible resources to use in your research!

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