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Resources for Business Liaisons: Overview

This bibliography is a list of key resources that will be helpful to the library business liaison; particularly library business liaisons with little or no business background.

Intended User

This annotated bibliography and corresponding guide were created for librarians who, like me, have found themselves responsible for the collection development and management of their library's business collection but have little or no business background.  The business field is diverse, encompassing several different subcategories such as accounting, finance, administration, management, taxation, marketing and computer information systems.  With so many different areas to consider, it can be overwhelming for the sudden collector to feel confident about which resources will best meet the needs of the majority of their student population. Also, there are budget constraints to be considered. Are the resources purchased and/or subscribed to delivering the biggest bang for the buck? And, once you have made a commitment to a particular resource, how will you ensure that it is actually being utilized to its fullest potential by students and faculty?  

These are difficult questions to answer when you are unfamiliar with the business subject area.  Included in this annotated bibliography, you will find a list of over 30 books, eBooks, journal articles, and websites that will guide you in learning the basics about the field of business and what types of business resources are available, all while helping you analyze the usefulness of those resources in meeting the particular needs of your students and faculty.  

Description of Topic

Business is one of the largest fields in terms of available resources (Kim 62).  For the librarian who unexpectedly finds him or herself accountable for the development and management of the library's business collection, this responsibility can seem overwhelming.  The purpose of this annotated bibliography was to create a list of resources that would assist the business librarian in the collection development and collection management processes, particularly the librarian who has little or no business background. The first goal of this bibliography was to create a list of items that would allow the new business librarian to become aware of some of the most popular databases and print resources available; however, becoming an effective business liaison includes more than simply knowing the name of a few key resources. Having a basic understanding of the subject area is essential in being able to effectively determine the needs of the department being served and in being able to develop a collection development plan that will creatively and sufficiently meet those needs. 

The resources listed in this bibliography were chosen because, not only will they aid in the collection development process, they also offer a certain amount of instruction and insight into the world of business. Many of these resources include information concerning best resources for academic business programs as well as tips on how to get better acquainted with the business faculty, how to determine what subfields within the business area are being taught at the university, how to promote the business resources the library already has access to, and how to determine if those resources are being utilized by faculty and students.


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