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Business Research

This guide was designed to help business students understand the basics of how to perform academic research.

Developing a Search Strategy

There are a lot of resources out there!  The trick is finding the resources that actually deal with your topic and address the subject of your research.  To accomplish this seemingly daunting task, you need to develop a search strategy. 

  1. Come up with keywords that deal with your research topic and perform a keyword search in the library's databases for these terms.  Here are just a few examples:
  2. Mix and match these keywords with other aspects of your research.  As you add more search terms, your result list will become smaller but more concentrated to your area of research.
  3. When you find a resource that meets the need of your research, look at its subject terms to find other similar resources and to identify other search terms that you can add to your search strategy.  Here are just a few examples.