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Topic Guide - Critical Thinking and Reasoning: Home

Multicultural Aspects

Multicultural Aspects

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Religious Aspects

Religious and Ethical Aspects

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Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Collins, Kenneth J. "Spirituality and Critical Thinking: Are They Really So Different?" Evangelical Journal 16 (1998): 30-43.
 Available: In Squires Library

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Michalko, Michael. "From Bright Ideas to Right Ideas: Capturing the Creative Spark: Thinking in New Ways Opens the Mind to Boundless Possibilities and Creative Solutions (Outside the Box)." The Futurist 37 (2003): 52(5).
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Available: Database - Expanded Academic ASAP

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Available: Database - Expanded Academic ASAP

Zhang, Li-Fang. "Contributions of Thinking Styles to Critical Thinking Dispositions.." The Journal of Psychology 137 (2003): 517(28).
 Available: In Squires Library

Online Catalog

General Books

Baier, Annette. The Commons of the Mind. Chicago: Open Court, 1997.
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Kelley, David. The Art of Reasoning. New York: W.W. Norton, 1998.
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