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Research Starter - PUBR 301: Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints

Identifying Argumentative Essays in Opposing Viewpoints

Identifying Argumentative Essays in Opposing Viewpoints

First, go to the Opposing Viewpoints database

You will notice that the landing page offers links to all the hot topics currently in the news.  Let's click on "Global Warming and Climate Change" to see what information we can find on this topic.

After we click on the link, we are taken to a page that is loaded with information about our topic.  If you want to see some examples of argumentative papers about your topic,look at the first box titled "featured viewpoints."  This is a collection of pieces that express opposing viewpoints about the topic being discussed.  Let's click on the first article to learn more.

When you click on one of the articles titles listed under Featured Viewpoints, you will be taken to the full text of the article.

But wait!  There's more!

You will also see the following features as labeled below:

  1. Title of article
  2. Important quote from the article
  3. Brief bio and description of the author of the article and his/her viewpoints on the issue
  4. Questions to think about while you read the article
  5. Full text of article 

Use these research aids to help you understand the argument the author is presenting in their essay.