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Using Canon 100 Pro: Home

Detailed steps for using the Canon Photo Printer

Photo Printer Use - Canon 100 Pro

Welcome to using the Photo Printer provided by Squires Library. 
To make your printing needs successful, we have put this brief manual together. Please do not skip steps as this could end with the need to start over.  Some steps may seem obvious; however, they were added to assure that you take the step in the proper order for the most expedient and well accomplished print(s).

First, Login to your account on the computer next to the printer.


There is a computer to the left of the printer – login to your account to access your photos for printing on the Canon Pro 100.


When accessing your photo from either a thumb-drive, your email, or your student account; logging into this computer using your Lee credentials is a necessity.  








Make sure you turn the printer on in this step, as in the image below. Turning it on allows time to calibrate the ink colors while you go back to the computer and retrieve your photo images.

While the computer is logging your account, turn on the printer – as it is turned off after being used usually.  This will better assure that it is prepared to print when you get to that step.


Positioning the Photo Paper & Retrieving Photos to Print

With glossy side facing you, insert the paper between the two white alignment components.  Your paper will be in portrait layout, so if you print a photo that is landscape format (horizontal) it will simply print sideways. Please make sure that the alignment is as shown in the image below.


While at the printer, go ahead and place your print paper here as described above and/or in the photo.

Move the alignment pieces only if necessary (i.e. making 11 x 17 prints or if they are out of place etc)





Now you need to retrieve your photos. Place the photo(s) that you want to print on the desktop following steps provided.

If your photos are in an email, download them. They will be in the “Downloads” folder.
Otherwise, copy the photo(s) from another device onto the desktop


Positioning the Photo Paper & Retrieving Photos to Print

In the following image, note the explanations of using the application for viewing your photo prior to printing. Follow steps #1 and #2.


#1 – The black button located in the bottom right-hand corner is your printer application.

#2 – Double-click this and agree to the statements that come up as pop ups.


The pop ups occur 3 to 4 times if you have not used this before. If you have printed before, it will not have any pop up announcements that you have to agree to.




Now you will see a screen of icons - you want to select the sub-app to print.

Select the yellow icon in the upper left-hand corner as in the image below.  This will allow you to view, edit, and/or simply print your photo.

Once this is selected and opens, you will see two or three pages asking for you to agree. (if this is your first time using the printer)


Click “I agree” or “yes” depending on the question and your page for viewing your photo will then be accessible to you.

NOTE:  If you downloaded the photo from email or a site, by default it will be in your “downloads” folder. 

Browse to that folder for your image in this case – otherwise you should find it on your desktop.

Just as shown in the image here.


Preview Images / Edit / Print

At this point you should be seeing your photos, just as I saw mine in the first image below.  Select the photo you want to print – double-click it to have a full view and the option to edit if you see necessary.  Editing options are limited to saturation, light, contrast, etc - the basics.



In the full view you can see if there is a need to do any final edits such as color tone, brightness, saturation, etc.




Now you want to select the option to PRINT !!  This is located in the lower right-hand side of your screen.

On the lower right-hand portion of your screen you will have the option to select “Print” – as in this figure. 

Do not be concerned – as this will take you to another page before printing.

The settings will be to the right of your photo.  The two most often changed settings are “border” to “borderless” and “8 ½ X 11” to “8 X 10” – as in Figure10.  However, you are not required to apply these changes – this is often based on assignment criteria.


If there is a need for ink, which will be indicated on the screen when you go to print, or any other type of assistance with your photo printing please see Dr. Sturgeon in Room 125 for assistance. 

If he is not available, the person at the reference desk where you purchased your photo paper can assist you.



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