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Research Starter - McNair Scholars

This guide was created to help McNair scholars advance towards their goal of graduate education.

Getting Started

Welcome to William G. Squires Library!  When you are new to a library, it can be difficult to figure out where all the resources you need are located.  This brief guide will help you know where to look for particular types of resources.  Please feel free to contact the library with any research questions you may have; we are here to help!

The library homepage can be accessed at  Utilize the grey box on the right hand side of the screen in the picture below, labeled databases, to access the alphabetical listing of the library's databases.  See the videos to the left hand side of this guide to learn more about searching in the library's databases.  Remember, research is an investigation; it might take a few different searches and the use of different word combinations to finally find the resources you are looking for.  Don’t get discouraged!  And ask the library for help should you get stuck. 

Research Help






Accessing Databases and Your Major