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About Joy

Joy began serving as Interlibrary Loan Coordinator in September 2017. She also serves as adjunct professor of Museum Studies through the Department of History, Political Science, and Humanities and the Encore Program. 

Joy holds a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from The Johns Hopkins University along with a Bachelors in English and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration. Her career has included work in a public library, national museum, Smithsonian Institution, and local history museum. 

Joy grew up in Cleveland, went away for a while to explore the world, and has now returned to her roots and family. She enjoys visiting museums, cultural centers, and the theater. She lives in Cleveland with her husband, Brandon and their two dogs, Lucy and Edmund‚Äč.

Contact Joy

Room 124, ext. 8559

Office Hours:

Tuesday: 1:30-5

Wednesday: 9-4:30

Thursday: 11-12