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Research Starter - THEA 332: Annotated Bib

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

For this assignment, you will be looking for pertinent information about your topic's work/art and what influence they and their work had on theatre and culture. Using your assigned topic you will create an annotated bibliography. 

The bibliography will…

Include EIGHT TOTAL SOURCES that is a combination of books (no encyclopedias) and scholarly journals (peer-reviewed).

  • At least three journal articles
  • At least two books.
  • No more than one relevant play.
  • No more than two sources by the same author

Use the Chicago/Turabian Style of Citations.

Your annotations should include two-three sentences each about the contents of the source as it pertains to your topic. (What’s information is in your resource?  How would the source be helpful to people researching your topic?)


Formatting the Annotated Bibliography

Formatting your Annotated Bibliography

  • The bibliography should be single-spaced with one-inch margins. 
  • Choose a readable, readily available font such as Times New Roman, 12 point font.
  • Label the first page as Bibliography; this title should be center-aligned and bold.
  • Leave two blank lines between the title and the first entry (or, in other words, enter down three times).
  • All bibliographic entries should be in alphabetical order by author and should have a hanging indent.
  • Add full-sentence annotations on a new line directly after the bibliographic entry, indented from the left margin.
  • There should be one blank line between the end of the previous entry and annotation and the next entry. 
  • See the image below for an example of an Annotated Bibliography.