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Celebrating a Century of Christ-Centered Education at Lee University


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Vintage Lee welcomes blog post submissions from Lee University faculty, staff, students, and alumni. If you wish to submit a blog post for consideration, please follow the guidelines provided below.

Scope: The purpose of this blog is to highlight the significant people, programs, and events during the last one hundred years in a manner that celebrates milestone accomplishments and appropriately reflects the university's mission and core values.

Length: The preferred number of words for each blog post is 300 words or less, and posts more than 500 words in length will not be considered.

Ownership: By submitting a post, you agree to grant the university permission to publish, print, and preserve your content in any format without restriction.

Contact: Please submit your posts using the online form on this page. Each post will be reviewed and considered. The university reserves the right to edit each post and prioritize the order in which posts are published. The university will make the final selection on which submitted posts appear on the blog.