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David R. Holsinger Digital Collection: Home


In early 2016, Dr. David Holsinger donated his entire collection of original manuscripts and some memorabilia to Lee University.  It was determined that the Music Resource Center would be the official archive for this collection.  While combing through the manuscripts it became clear that this collection would be most accessible if it were digitized.

The files on the “Scores” tab of this site are digital reproductions of Dr. Holsingers manuscripts. These pdf images were imported to Power Point so that page sizes could be customized to the many different sizes and formats of notation used by the composer and a watermark and contents pages could be added that would look good when viewed on a computer screen. These can be exported in a number of formats and files sizes as needed.

The intent of digitizing this collection is to preserve these works in their original form. There is no substitute for the opportunity to view an artist’s work in the original form as a primary source. It can be revealing to see the composer’s approach and sometimes even their mindset at the time of conception.  In the digital domain, the posting of links to concert and other videos as well as websites related to the composer will continue to expand as will the searchable databases of his works and the collection of original material found only here.

Our hope is that you find as much inspiration and enjoyment from what is here as we have found in creating this archive and interacting with Dr. Holsinger personally and through his music.

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