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Research Starter - ENGL 300: ENGL 300 (Lee)

ENGL 300 (Lee)


Amy Mercer

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Amy Mercer

Start Your Research

Tips for searching:

  • Use advanced search to combine terms


Another approach is to conduct a subject search using the author's name. Search with author's name, or chosen work, as a subject, not keyword


Limit your results to full-text:



Use the limiters on the left as applicable. For example, you may choose to limit your results to academic journals.



Use the tools on the right hand side. The cite button allows you to copy and paste a citation in the desired format.


Tips for searching:

From the Gale Resources home page, select the Advanced Search feature:

From here, you may choose the default settings 'Name of Work' and 'Person-By or About.' You may also add  keywords.

Limit your results to 'Full-text.' Click on a title to access the article text.


Once you click a title, you may read the text or download the article in PDF format by selecting the downward pointing arrow.


** To access electronic resources, make sure pop-ups are enabled on your browser. **

Faulkner's Address in William G. Squires Library:


These research starters, supplied by Salem Press through the library's EBSCO Discovery Service, provide an excellent place to begin your research.  Each research starter gives a brief summary of some of the popular literary theories or schools of criticism and each entry includes a bibliography.  Use these research starters to become more familiar with the different literary and critical theories and to look for words, terms and phrases that might help you develop your search strategy.   

Remember: the bibliography or works cited page of any work is a vital resource; it can lead you to other credible resources to use in your research!

To save search results for later, create an account using "sign in" on the right-hand side of the navy blue bar. If you already have an EBSCO account, the folder will be open (see below).







Library Tutorials - Searching for Resources

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