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Business Research

This guide was designed to help business students understand the basics of how to perform academic research.



The purpose of this subject guide is to help students identify and locate useful resources in their field of study, whether those resources be for academic research or personal inquiry.  Most students recognize that the library has research materials and resources, but many students don’t realize just how much information is available through the library or they don’t know exactly how to go about finding those resources (Wallis 53).  Also, studies have shown that students want more than just lists of potential resources; students want to know how to search for the resources they need (Sinkinson 74).  This guides seeks to provide a little bit of both. You will find example resources listed, and then most pages provide instructions and ideas for how to search the libraries resources.  Also, on this home page, you will see a box for frequently asked questions. We know you’re busy, so type in your question here and you may find that someone else has already asked it (Dobbs 175-176). If you don’t’ find the answer to question on this subject guide, feel free to contact the library.  We are here to serve you in your academic and research endeavors!

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