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Research Starter - COMM 282


Below you will find links to a basic search for your profile person. While this may prove beneficial, you should also try adding some additional search terms to find results specific to your topic. Use the boxes in the Discovery Service database to add multiple terms to your search. Remember, research is a process of trial and error, so you may have to try multiple word combinations to find the resources you want. If you get stuck, please contact the library. We are here to help!

Joseph Pulitzer

William Randolph Hearst

Ida B. Wells

Upton Sinclair

Margaret Bourke-White

Edward R. Murrow

Frank Gibney

James Griffing (Jim G.) Lucas

Ed Bradley

David Halberstam

Dorothy Butler Gilliam

Haynes Johnson

Carl Bernstein

Bob Woodward

Neil Sheehan

Katherine Graham

Develop a Search Strategy