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Topic Guide - C.S. Lewis: Works by C. S. Lewis

Fiction and Poetry

Chronicles of Narnia Series

1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1950): Juv. Fic. L673Li

2. Prince Caspian: the Return to Narnia (1951): Juv. Fic. L673pr /Video: Media PR6023.E926 P74

3. The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" (1952): Juv. Fic. L673v and Juv. Fic. L673vo /Video: Media PR6023.E96 P74

4. The Silver Chair (1953): Juv. Fic. L673s and Juv. Fic. L673si

5. The Horse and His Boy (1954): Juv. Fic. L673h and Juv. Fic. L673ho

6. The Magician's Nephew (1955): Juv. Fic. L673m

7. The Last Battle (1956): Juv. Fic. L673l

Space Trilogy

1. Out of the Silent Planet (1938): PR6023.E926 O9 1965

2. Perelandra (1943) PR6023.E926 PE 1944

3. That Hideous Strength (1945): PR6023.E926 T42 1946/1968

Other Long Fiction

The Great Divorce (1945): BJ1401.L4

The Last Battle (1956): Juv. Vic. L6731 1994

The Pilgrim's Regress: An Allagorical Apology for Christianity, Reason, and Romaniticism (1933): PR6023.E926 P5

The Screwtape Letters (First published in The Guardian in 1941, G. Bless in 1942): BR125.L67

The Screwtape Letters & Screwtape Proposes a Test (G. Bless, 1961) BR125.L67

'Till We Have Faces (1956): PR6023.E926 T54


Narrative Poems (1969): PR6023.E926 A17 1979

Spirits in Bondage: A Cycle of Lyrics (1919): Originally under the pseudonym of Clive Hamilton: PR6023.E926 S6 1984

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