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Distance Learning Librarian

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Julie Burchfield
William G. Squires Library
260 11th Street NE
Cleveland, TN 37311

Library 227

Contacting Squires Library

Contacting the Library

Distance students are encouraged to contact the library in order to ask for help.  Squires Library is here to aid you in your academic endeavors and we are available to answer your questions. The number for the Reference Desk is 423-614-8562. You may contact the library during any of our regular operating hours or questions concerning the library may be emailed to

Lee University's School of Nursing

Library Resources

Academic Resources

Although it is possible to find some resources by using an Internet search engine, Squires Library provides easy access to a large collection of Academic resources, the use of which will be smiled upon by your professors.  Squires Library provides several different ways to access these library resources and library personnel are available to assist with your research needs.  We encourage you as a distance student to take advantage of these valuable resources made available to you in order to make your academic endeavors a great success.  

Your research should begin on the library's homepage from which students can search through the different available resources.  Theses resources include access to the library’s large collection of books, e-books, as well as many databases that provide indexing and (in many cases) full text of scholarly articles.

To access many of the resources available to you as a distance student enrolled in courses, you will be required to sign in using a specific "username" and "password."  This "username" and "password" is the same username and password you use to login to Moodle, Portico, and your Lee email.  If you have difficulty logging in, you can contact Squires Library with your questions.  If you need assistance getting started in your research, the library provides a series of instructional videos.

If you plan to be in the Cleveland area, it would be beneficial for you to arrange for a library orientation session while you are here. It is best to contact the library prior to your visit in order to arrange a meeting with a librarian.  During your visit, a librarian can be available for individual or group training concerning how to use the various resources provided by Squires Library.  

Acquiring Library Resources

Acquiring Resource Materials

Books: Distance students can request books in the library collection to be sent to them for research. The library will pay for the sending of books by USPS library mail, while the student assumes the cost of returning the materials. The check out period is 28 days which includes the time required for shipping the items. If the books are needed for a longer period of time, the student can request one 14-day extension of the due date. The cost of any lost items or overdue items will be charged to the student and no additional materials may be borrowed until the charges have been paid. Check out is limited to no more than 10 books at a time.  We are unable to ship books to students who live outside the contiguous United States. 

Articles: Distance students can request to have specific journal articles emailed or faxed to them.

Click here to request materials.

Off-Campus Interlibrary Loan: Interlibrary loan is a cooperative arrangement by which one library borrows materials from another for the use of its patrons. Squires Library will locate articles in other libraries and obtain them for distance students. The online order form for article requests can be found at the following link: Inter-library Loan.  Such materials might be sent to the students electronically (e.g., as an e-mail attachment) or by UPS or the mail system. Sometimes there is a charge for such materials.

Please follow these directions to enter in your username and password info for requesting an article through ILL:

Lee University faculty, staff, and students


lastname, firstname
lee followed by your 9-digit Lee University ID number
If your ID number does not have 9 digits, add zeros between lee and your ID number.  EXAMPLE: lee000123456

Alternately, distance students might be able to borrow materials through their local public or college library. The rules and fees vary from one library to another so distance students are encouraged to ask about this service at a library convenient to where they live.

Other Nursing Pages

Doctor of Nursing Practice Guide

The purpose of this subject guide is to help students identify and locate helpful resources in the field of nursing, whether those resources be for academic research or personal inquiry.  Most students recognize that the library has research materials and resources, but many students don’t realize just how much information is available through the library or they don’t know exactly how to go about finding the resources.  This guide seeks to provide instruction to make you comfortable and self-sufficient when utilizing the library's many resources. You will find example resources listed, and most pages then provide instructions and ideas for how to search the library's resources

Also, on this home page, you will see a box for frequently asked questions. We know you’re busy, so type in your question here and you may find that someone has already asked it. If you don’t’ find the answer to question on this subject guide, feel free to contact the library.  We are here to serve you in your academic and research endeavors!   

Database Access - Username/Password

To use the Library's databases and e-book collections, you will be asked to enter a username and password.  This username and password is now your personal username and password information, the same username and password that you enter to login to Moodle, Portico, and your Lee email. 

When you attempt to access the library's databases, you will see the screen below.  If you are a Lee student, choose the first box.  

You will then be taken to a login screen where you will enter in your own personal username and password.  The screen for Lee students will look like this...


Please contact the Reference desk during library hours at (423) 614-8562 if you have any questions or email us anytime at


Squires Library Hours