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Citation Help

Research Help

Click below to learn how to use each database.

The CQ Researcher Database provides a broad overview of contemporary topics in its Featured Reports

The Featured Reports include

  • a brief Introduction
  • a thorough Overview of the topic
  • the topic Background
  • the Current Situation surrounding the topic
  • a future Outlook concerning the topic
  • Pro/Con voices
  • a detailed Chronology
  • Short Features
  • Maps/Graphs
  • and information About the Author. 
  • Each report also includes a Bibliography and Footnotes so you can locate these resources for your research.

You can learn more about finding resources in CQ Researcher by watching the instructional video below.


The Opposing Viewpoints Database provides a broad overview of contemporary issues.  

The Featured Issue includes related resources including:

  • an overview of the issue
  • featured viewpoints
  • academic journal articles
  • primary sources 
  • references
  • biographies
  • infographics
  • images, videos, and audio files
  • magazine and news articles
  • websites
  • statistics
  • a list of other related topics

You can learn more about finding resources in Opposing Viewpoints by watching the instructional video below.


Search Strategy

If you want to search EBSCO Discovery Service for examples of argumentative essays, try this search strategy.

Go to the library's Ebsco Discovery Service Database.  Choose Advanced Search.

When accessing the library's databases, you may be asked to enter your username and password. This information is the same as the credentials you use to login to Moodle, Portico, and your Lee email. Please contact the library if you have any trouble logging in to any of the library's databases.

From the Ebsco Discovery Service, you can search through a large majority of the library's database.  Follow the directions below to find examples of argumentative essays. 

  1. Enter your broad topic into the first search box.  Examples include abortion, global warming, gun control, capital punishment, and immigration. 
    • Note:  If your first search doesn't have many results or you don't find what you are looking for, explore different words to represent your topic.  For example, in place of "global warming," you might try the term "climate change." 
  2. From the drop-down menu choose "Subject Terms."
  3. In the second search box, type in the word "Editorial."  This will help to limit your results to argumentative essays.
  4. Leave the second dropdown menu as "Select a Field" as this will allow EBSCO to look through the entire article for the term editorial. 
  5. Click search. 


Click on the links below to see a list of potential topics for your paper. 

Click on any topics you are interested in to learn more about both sides of the issue.  If you want to learn more about searching in these databases, see more in the box below.