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Faculty Library Guide

Library Intro and Basics for New Faculty

Faculty Librarians

Louis F. Morgan, Ph.D.

Director of Library Services

Liaison responsibilities:

Christian Ministries and Theology

LIB 231 Campus Ext. 8567
Lori Mattace, MLIS, M.S.

Assistant Director of Library Services

Liaison responsibilities:

Behavioral and Social Sciences

History and Political Science

LIB 229 Campus Ext. 8572
Julie Burchfield, MLS, M.A.

Distance Learning Librarian

Liaison responsibilities:


Communications and the Arts

Lee Online

LIB 227 Campus Ext. 8570
Amy Mercer, MLIS

Technical Services Librarian

Liaison responsibilities:

English and Modern Foreign Languages

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

LIB 203 Campus Ext. 8564
Diette Ward, MLIS

Electronic Resources and Instruction Librarian

Liaison responsibilities:



LIB 209 Campus Ext. 2460


Library Staff

Brenda Armstrong Acquisitions / Receptionist LIB 222 Campus Ext. 8567
Golden Madume  Library Coordinator for Student Success LIB 207 Campus Ext. 8561
Dawn Bixler Public Services Assistant - Daytime Supervisor LIB 202 Campus Ext. 8552
Amy Bonham Reference Assistant   Campus Ext. 8562
Lydia Cook Assistant to the Director LIB 225 Campus Ext. 8569
Sara Cook Technical Services Assistant LIB 201 Campus Ext. 8566
Barbara McGirt Cataloger / Reference Assistant LIB 201 Campus Ext. 8571
Lawrence Munoz Building Preservationist LIB 224 Campus Ext. 8573
Jessica Simmons Serials Assistant LIB 208 Campus Ext. 8563
Michael Sturgeon Research Coach, Liaison Responsibilities:  Nursing LIB 125 Campus Ext. 3797
Kim Wheeler Interlibrary Loan Coordinator LIB 124 Campus Ext. 8559